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Honolulu Board of Realtor’s Aloha ‘Aina Award Nominations


SELLER | AUGUST 31, 2021

Jeff and Lester provided calm, informed service through what turned out to be a grueling process.

This team of Jeff Lyons and Lester Salazar is the best there is. Highly professional and very helpful. They made my job as a seller a breeze. They worked relentlessly to make sure I get the best sale price for my property.

Thank you, Jeff and Lester. Job well done. Aloha.

- Ali and Alma Khan

BUYER | JULY 27, 2021

Lester Salazar was a realtor we got from using the Zillow site. I told him what we were looking for and where, and he immediately jumped into action. A true professional throughout, Lester was able to get our offer accepted and communicated with us throughout each step of the loan process up to the closing. He made us feel very comfortable and, while we had small snags which was no fault on the buying side, his calming demeanor and assurances made us feel we were in the best hands possible.

Lester went beyond the call for us and we will recommend his services to our family and friends. If he doesn’t win this award then this contest is nothing less than rigged.

- Carol Merez & Jeanette Varde

SELLER | JULY 12, 2021

We first made an appointment to meet Lester on April 19, 2021 and to have him tell us why we might consider going with him as our realtor. He was very accommodating by coming in the evening to our home, punctual, very personable and knowledgeable and not aggressive or pushy. He met with us in person (masked of course!) to discuss our options especially since our unit still had renters. He took the time to explain our options since there was still a moratorium on rentals. He came prepared looking up the unit and comparables of other properties in the area.

After our initial meeting we decided to work with Lester to sell our unit. Lester continually kept us informed of what he was doing and provided prompt feedback as he said he would. He agreed to work with our property manager as well to coordinate and communicate with the renters. If Lester had questions or concerns regarding the unit and renters he would communicate with us and our property manager. Lester would always give us options and allowed us to make the final decisions with his guidance. We had several zoom calls in the evening to accommodate our schedules which was great!

Lester made an appointment with our renters and was able to get a feel as to their thoughts about having an open house if we needed to especially since there were COVID guidelines to follow. The unit was also in the process of getting repairs done as there was a leak from a unit above. Lester took pictures of our unit and then we discussed further what we were going to do as far as selling the unit with renters in the unit and repairs needing to be completed.

The unit hit the market and there were several offers. Lester discussed the offers, made suggestions, listened to our concerns and then we moved forward. Lester's team also worked so well by getting the information and sending out the contracts to sign. Lester made our total selling experience effortless and he and his team were so efficient. He took that extra step himself to make sure the unit was ready to close as he drove to the unit the afternoon before we closed. 


- Bert & Cynthia Ogasawara


I would like to nominate Lester Salazar for the 2021 Aloha ‘Aina Realtor Award. I was born in Honolulu and currently live in New York City. With the current pandemic and my aging mother, I decided to move back to Honolulu to be closer to family. Lester was a true pro in helping me search for homes that met my criteria, setting up zoom calls to view the properties, coordinating with the mortgage broker and submitting all the offers and counter offers. This also involved videoing homes that we eventually decided not to make offers on.  

Due to the market conditions we bid on 4 homes and finally were successful with #4. Each of these offers were done in a professional and timely manner with expert guidance and in-depth real estate knowledge. 

Once the offer was accepted, we had numerous inspection items that needed to be addressed. This was not easy being 5000 miles away, but Lester took on the mantle and contacted vendors and contractors to come out and take care of the issues. He was our eyes and ears in Hawaii. Once again he did this in a timely and professional manner. In fact he did it with so much Aloha that we were truly amazed. His perseverance and help made this truly a successful deal. We could not have done it without him. 

 Lester's communication was top notch - he kept us informed and guided us through the process - his team made sure we did and submitted things in a timely manner. Also, please note that we were dealing with a 5 hour time change between Honolulu and New York City! This did not daunt him - he made himself available early in the morning HST and also was always cognizant of this and planned showings to be early enough in Hawaii that it would not be too late in NYC. 

Lester is a consummate professional that does his job with so much Aloha! An example of this is shortly before closing, he sent us an email with links to Hawaiian Electric, Board of Water Supply, Internet providers, etc. Truly helpful and necessary in setting up our new home. He is amazing and I honestly don't know how we could have purchased our home without him. He was a pleasure to work with and so I wholeheartedly nominate Lester for this award! 

- Creighton Ko


Lester Salazar is not only an exceptional Realtor, but he’s also a kind man with a pleasant demeanor. Lester remained patient, efficient, reliable, accommodating, and informative throughout the entire process of home searching and purchasing. Being a first time homebuyer can be nerve wracking and stressful, but Lester made it a smooth and positive experience. I never felt pressured or ever had the feeling like he was out to make money from me...it felt like I was working alongside a longtime friend who was looking out for my best interest and went with my pace. I highly recommend anybody looking for a top notch realtor to work with Lester. 

- Lisa Kimoto

SELLER & BUYER | JUNE 13, 2019

Lester has been a blessing! We had soo many obstacles in our way and he helped us navigate through it all. There were soo many last minute changes during the negotiation process, that I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up. But Lester stayed calm and most importantly was patient with my frustrations and concerns. Special thanks again to him. 

- James Yamamoto

BUYER | OCTOBER 31, 2017

Lester is very patient with me, there were time that I snapped at him because every time we put in an offer someone else get. My husband and I hardly have the same days of so when my husband worked night at my days off, he made sure to show us all the properties that I requested. Although we offered to meet him at the locations he insisted to go with him and took us to all of them. The most important thing that I like about Lester is the communication. He gave us head ups about properties and suggestions. There was one that I really like the property and location but the owner want the buyer to rent the it to the owner until they find a place to stay. Thank you for the feedback Lester. It is my first time to buy a house and had no expirience of the stressful situation if buying a house so I thank Lester for his hard work and got us a house within two months of searching 

- Terri Yamamoto