The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has reached a settlement that could reshape the real estate landscape in the United States. This settlement, announced on March 15, 2024, and expected to take effect in mid-July 2024, addresses claims brought by home sellers regarding broker commissions. Here's what consumers need to know about the proposed changes and how they could impact the process of buying or selling a home.

Key Facts of the Settlement

  • NAR has agreed to pay $418 million over approximately four years to resolve the claims
  • The settlement will release NAR, its over one million members, and various real estate entities from liability for claims related to broker commissions
  • Commissions, which were always negotiable, will remain so, but the way they are presented and agreed upon will change

Impact on Home Buyers

In layman's terms, the settlement could make buying a home more complex and potentially more expensive for buyers. Here's why:

  • Buyers may need to negotiate and potentially pay their agent's commission directly, which could be a financial challenge, especially for those with limited funds or using VA loans.
  • The settlement may lead to some buyers delaying their home search in anticipation of potential price drops.
  • Buyers will need to have written agreements with their agents before touring homes, which could change the dynamics of home viewings.

Impact on Home Sellers

For home sellers, the settlement could bring both opportunities and challenges:

  • Sellers might save money by choosing not to pay any commission to the buyer's agent, but this could also reduce the exposure of their listings.
  • The settlement may encourage more sellers to list their homes, potentially creating a more competitive market.
  • With the removal of commission offers from MLS listings, sellers may need to rethink how they attract buyers' agents to show their homes.

Changes to Real Estate Practices

  • The settlement will likely lead to more competition among agents and could result in lower commission rates.
  • Real estate agents will need to adapt by potentially offering flat-fee pricing or other compensation structures to remain competitive.
  • Transparency and value will become even more important as buyers and sellers demand clear communication about fees and services.

Solutions from a Real Estate Agent's Perspective

Real estate agents are considering various strategies to adapt to the new landscape:


  • Agents may start charging for individual services, such as home tours, negotiation, and paperwork assistance, instead of a flat percentage of the sale price.
  • The settlement could lead to a decrease in part-time agents and small brokerages, as the industry shifts towards a more professionalized and full-service model.
  • Agents will need to focus on providing exceptional value to justify their fees and maintain strong client relationships.


The NAR settlement is poised to introduce significant changes to the real estate industry, affecting how agents are compensated and how homes are bought and sold. While the settlement aims to increase transparency and competition, it also brings new complexities for consumers. Home buyers and sellers will need to be more proactive in understanding and negotiating real estate services and fees. As the industry adjusts, real estate professionals will need to evolve their business practices to meet the new demands of the market.