Living and working as a real estate broker in Hawaii, with a primary focus on residential properties on Oahu, we've witnessed the unique allure of this island paradise. The landscapes, the culture, and the tropical climate make it a desirable location for real estate investment. However, the very charm of our islands faces an imminent threat - sea level rise.

We specialize in residential real estate on Oahu, and this issue directly affects our profession. Government resources, such as the State of Hawaii's official portal ( and the Hawaii Sea Level Rise Viewer (, are invaluable sources of information, and we'll provide insights on how sea level rise impacts our local housing market.

The Ongoing Challenge of Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise is an outcome of global climate change. The melting polar ice caps and the expanding seawater are leading to a rise in ocean levels worldwide. In a place like Hawaii, with its low-lying coastal regions, this poses a substantial threat.

According to the data I've gathered from the Hawaii Sea Level Rise Viewer, sea levels in Hawaii have risen at an average rate of 0.65 inches per decade over the past century. While this may seem gradual, it has profound implications for our real estate market, and here's how it affects my work as a real estate broker on Oahu:

1. Property Values:

Our oceanfront properties are highly coveted for their spectacular views and easy beach access. However, as sea levels rise, these prized properties are increasingly susceptible to flooding and erosion. This vulnerability can lead to a decrease in property values, a concern that significantly influences the real estate transactions I manage.

2. Insurance Costs:

With the rising sea levels comes an increased risk of flooding, resulting in higher insurance premiums for homeowners. This can make properties less affordable, affecting both sellers and buyers in our market.

3. Infrastructure Challenges:

Sea level rise poses a threat to critical infrastructure such as roads, utilities, and sewage systems. As a real estate broker, I must consider how these factors impact property accessibility and appeal.

4. Adaptation Measures:

Our government websites, and, provide information on Hawaii's strategies and policies to address sea level rise. Staying informed about these measures is crucial, as they directly influence the real estate market and the decisions of my clients.

It's vital to comprehend the implications of sea level rise on our profession. Government websites, such as and, offer critical insights and data to help us navigate this challenge. By recognizing the challenges and opportunities presented by sea level rise, we can better serve our clients and contribute to the sustainability of our residential real estate market in Hawaii.